kris-andersonKris Anderson

Senior Consultant

Kris Anderson is a research and communications professional with nearly a decade of experience working in American politics, as well as advising Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. A veteran of Governor Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential bid, Kris served as the campaign’s Research Director, where he was responsible for developing the campaign’s attack and response strategies against President Obama, including during the presidential debates.

Most recently, Kris served as Research Director and Deputy Communications Director at the Republican National Committee, leading the organization’s 15-person Research team that uncovered and exposed some of the election cycle’s most-covered campaign stumbles. Kris also served as Research Director and Deputy Communications Director for Governor Jon Huntsman’s presidential bid, as well as in senior campaign roles for Carly Fiorina and Steve Poizner. 

A West Coast native, Kris got his start in California politics, working as a policy analyst on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s successful re-election campaign.