Content. Strategy. Knowledge Management.

"Forward Observer’s work brings to bear all the key ingredients needed in quality issue research: smart analysis, credible experts, and easily understood presentation."

Dick Woodward, Senior Partner, Woodward & McDowell

Content drives debates. The foundation of effective advocacy and communications is superior content – compelling facts, clear illustrations and superior rebuttals.

Forward Observer identifies high-impact content to solve public affairs challenges. Our in-depth research on issues and stakeholders is used by lobbyists, trade associations, corporations, foundations and public affairs firms nationwide.

Our services include:


Forward Observer evaluates and optimizes content for successful advocacy:

  • We evaluate arguments and evidence for accuracy, salience and impact;
  • We enhance the effectiveness of content by updating, replacing and expanding arguments and evidence;
  • We analyze stakeholders to understand their perspectives and biases, evaluate their credibility, and identify opportunities for effective rebuttals;
  • We source and manage third-party experts to develop original content when none exists; and
  • We organize and manage the material a diverse advocacy or communications team utilizes every day.


We collaborate and strategize with a client team to ensure the content we identify is put to the best possible use. We tailor content to support the full range of strategic public affairs functions, including:

  • Government Affairs / Lobbying
  • Crisis Communications
  • Long-term Issues Management
  • PR / Media Relations
  • Digital and Social Media

Knowledge Management

Many complex public affairs efforts face serious problems managing information – there is often too much information, it is spread across several functions and team members, and at times it is difficult to identify what is current and what is out of date.

At best, time is wasted chasing down the latest information. At worst, the team is out of sync, working from old or inaccurate content.

We solve these issues with our customizable knowledge management systems. As a content hub, we continually fact check, update and manage the source material that every member of the team – from lobbyists to social media pros – relies on every day.